Information about BLOK

General information

BLOK is short for Blomsterdekoratørfagets Opplæringskontor (Florist Apprentices Learning Centre), and was established in spring 1997.
Our office and learning centre is situated at Skøyen, about 5 minutes by train or 10 minutes by tram from Oslo Central Railway Station.
Courses for apprentices are also given in Bergen (Hordaland) and Søgne (Vest-Agder) by local tutors.

BLOK's aim is to be up to date regarding the florist profession, and we are called for assistance whenever an apprentice or a member company have questions, or when they need help or support of various nature.

BLOK is a joint venture and a non-profit educational institution, owned at the moment by about 100 companies (flower shops), and is run by an elected board.
BLOK is a coordinating instrument for companies, apprentices and official educational offices, schools and sensoring committees, and is registered and approved by the official educational office in 10 counties (Akerhus, Aust-Agder, Buskerud, Hedmark, Hordaland, Oppland, Oslo, Vest-Agder, Vestfold and Østfold).

  • BLOK was founded on a need for support in the companies to be able to meet the education requirements prompted by the new syllabus of vocational training. Florist companies say it is easier to take the responsibility for apprentices when they do not stand alone
  • BLOK provides safety for the apprentices through information, tutorial guidance and occupational courses
  • BLOK provides letters of intention, to ensure the future recruitment to the trade, and the need for classroom vocational training is reduced
  • The apprentices experience greater comfort
  • BLOK creates solidarity between apprentices and companies cross county borders
  • BLOK coordinates and efficients the member companies training activities
  • BLOK tutors the apprentice, and assures the completion of the syllabus in due time before the end of the qualification test
  • BLOK conducts development and research activities, aiming to function as a resource center for the florist occupation in the aspect of vocational training
  • BLOK is owned by its member companies. It is eligible for companies that have apprentices to be a member of BLOK


 BLOK arrange full time and part time courses for adults who wants to change occupation or have a formal education in floristry.

Our main activity is quality assurance of the education that takes place in flowershops.
We run courses for apprentices and also eployees that need formal education from the member companies, but apprentices and employees in non-member companies can also join courses (at a non-member price).

In the approximately two years of apprenticeship the apprentices take part in about 16 x 4 days of courses at BLOK.




  • BLOK is a member of the EEIG Flornet
  • BLOK coordinate the exchange of apprentices, tutors and tutoring company staff between florist companies, schools and apprentices learning centres
  • BLOK, cooperate with other Norwegian learning centres, host international congresses for teachers and tutors

BLOK has a wide international network through the European FLORNET and LEONARDO projects, and through World Skills and Euro Skills.

The main activiety her is European exchange of apprentices, students and teachers.
Each year we welcome apprentices, students and teachers from partners in various Europeans countries.

Flornet also have educational modules of floristry. BLOK in cooperation with the Statens fagskole VEA is responisble for the module "Floristry and Didactics" (Joyfull Learning).

BLOK has since 2007 been responible for the selection and traning of the Norwegian participant in World Skills.
So far this has brouhgt us one gold medal (Japan 2007) and a medal of excellence (Canada 2009).
The next championship will be in London 2011.

The first Euro Skills took place in Rotterdam in 2008 and BLOK is responsible for the participation. The Norwegian team won the bronse medal in 2008 and the gold medal in 2010.


Short about menbership in BLOK

  • Membership for a florist company is NOK 3000/year for companies with apprentices, and NOK 1000 for companies without apprentices.
  • For reform apprentices, government support is split 20% to the company and 80% to BLOK. For non-reform apprentices, the government support goes to BLOK in its entity.
  • The formal responsibility contract (apprentice contract) is between the apprentice and BLOK, while the florist company and BLOK sign a tutorial agreement.

BLOK has the formal responsibility for the apprentice until Journeyman qualification.

The staff
BLOK has a highly qualified staff with competence in vocational training and floristry.

Jorunn Dahlback and Ingunn Endrestøl are CEO and Secretary to the board.
Elisabeth Rasmussen, Randi Sandberg Aanes and Vibeke Skramstad Strand is responsible for the office.

Tutors and teachers:

  • Ingunn Endrestøl
  • Anita Hope
  • Inger-Johanne Arnkværn
  • Elin Havreberg
  • Kine Grønning Kraft
  • Elin Tysdal (Hordaland)
  • Liv Dahl (Hordaland)
  • Lise Fridholm (Rogaland)